Burrito Wednesday #1: Chipotle Dupont

02 Jun 2010 #burrito #burrito wedsneday #burritoweds #chipotle

I’ve decided that the time has arrived for the establishment of a new tradition in our great lands: Burrito Wednesday. Everyone agrees that burritos are a delicious and amazing food.

What, wait, why? The concept is delightful in its simplicity. Every Wednesday you should go out in search of a new burrito to try. Ideally these would be entirely new locations, but for my purpose I’m going with a “no repeats” model, where places I’ve been too before are fine, as long as it hasn’t been the featured Burrito Wednesday candidate. Why Wednesday? For one, it’s a shitty day of the week and a nice burrito institution would liven it up. For another, I don’t have any standing meetings around lunch time on Wednesday, like I do on most of the other days of the week.

Please join me (either in a literal, have a burrito at the same table sense or metaphorically) in this new tradition. If Wednesday is bad for you, heck, make it Burrito Monday. Why not? I’ll be maybe posting here about the burritos I consume

Week #1: June 2nd, 2010 Chipotle Dupont Circle

Chipotle Dupont Circle

I started off with a close, convenient location – Chipotle Dupont Circle. Yes, you might assume you’ve been to Chipotle and know all there is to know. However this branch has a surprise in store – it features the delicious vegan Garden Blend. A fake meat product, it’s quite tasty and rare. This is the pilot location for the stuff, so it’s not quite your regular Chipotle fare. Today I got a burrito with rice, peppers & onions, black beans, garden blend, salsa fresca, tomatilla hot sauce and cheese. I intended to toss corn & lettuce on there, but screwed up. The total came to $6.71 with tax.

The burrito itself was rather tasty. The lack of veggies was a bit of a disappointment, and the hot sauce wasn’t too exciting. The second half sorta dragged on, without much to keep me engaged. Overall it was big, and tasty. Without the garden blend I’m not sure I would have cared much, but the garden blend is unique and interesting. I highly recommend it. I’d rate it about 3 stars on my meaningless and uncalibrated scale.

Partial Burrito Love

In upcoming weeks I hope to feature all my regular burrito spots, and expand to some new ones. Pedro & Vinny’s, CalTort, The Well Dressed Burrito, Baja Fresh, Qdoba, Pica Taco, the 17th st cart and a bunch of others. However I’d love suggestions of places to try out that are within reasonable transit distance of Dupont Circle/Downtown DC. Happy burritoing.