Burrito Wednesday #7: The Well Dressed Burrito

23 Jul 2010 #burrito #burrito wednesday

Shady entrance to the Well Dressed Burrito. Coming out you need to carefully look both ways, reinforcing the speakeasy motif

Burrito Wednesday #7 – The Well Dressed Burrito

Here’s a good one. In the middle of an alley there’s a door for The Well Dressed Burrito. The whole thing is very shady and industrial looking, like you’re going into a speakeasy or murder den. But no! What awaits is a tasty, delicious burrito!

I came by here at the end of 5k lunch time run. Welcome relief, until I had to walk home half a mile holding my burrito with no bag (the great DC bag tax bit me here, only had a credit card so I couldn’t give them 5¢ for a bag).

The counter and kitchen. Looks clean enough, anyway.

They have a few options – I went for the veggie burrito with both black and pinto beans and spinach. I like to have it all, I guess. It comes out pretty large, with some nice salsa on the side.  It had cooled off a fair bit by the time I got it home, but it was still good. If I wasn’t sweaty I would have eaten in the little dining room/office they have in the back there. Funky, but kinda lovable in its own way.

That burrito looks pretty well dressed to me, but a tux would really polish it off

It was large, and pretty good. The vegetable variety was spot on. I think the ingredients could have been distributed a bit better. Occasionally I’d run into a larger chunk of spinach or something. I’d rate it a 3 on the meaningless scale, and definitely go back.

Nom nom nom