Burrito Wednesday #8: El Tamarindo

23 Jul 2010 #burrito #burrito wednesday

El Tamarindo in "Adams Morgan"

Burrito Wednesday #8 – El Tamarindo

This is more like Casa Blanco in that it’s a sit down place with the carryout containers, rather than a wrapped lunch spot. I was expecting a pretty traditional burrito, but in some ways I think it was the most off the wall one I’ve had so far. I ordered the veggie, and it was pretty expensive at ~$12.

Stylish takeout bags

It was too large, with too much tortilla (it seriously seemed like an 18″ tortilla!) and not enough tomatillo sauce. Ended up being pretty dry. The contents were crazy and included cucumber, carrots, corn and more. They gave a giant mound of sour cream on the side, along with an orange wedge. Ok…. I like vegetables, even weird ones (I like Well Dressed and Cal Tort’s new burrito for example) but this one wasn’t doing it for me. I’ll say a 1 on the meaningless scale.

El Tamarindo Burrito, mid consumption