Burrito Wednesday Super Post!

30 Sep 2010 #burrito #burrito wednesday

I’ve been very, very bad about posting recent burrito wednesdays. Luckily I’ve still been doing it nearly every week (missed a few while traveling). I’m going to just post ’em here en masse and then hopefully get back on schedule.

Burrito Wednesday #9: Food Chain

Food Chain is a collaboration between some clever guy and a bunch of existing vendors to provide better food out of the carts. He preps it, and they sell it ala franchises. This is a cart down near 17th and Connecticut. They technically call it a wrap, and I don’t recall being especially impressed by it. The sauce was pretty good, but the rest was pretty meh. Not much too it, rice, beans and not a whole lot else. Overall maybe 2 stars?

The Food Chain cart I went to on M St

Food Chain Burrito

Burrito Wednesday #10: California Tortilla

Cal Tort is one of my favorites, especially after I won 52 free burritos. Unfortunately I didn’t give them a fair shake for Burrito Wednesday – going to an out of the way spot (College Park) at an off time (early on a quiet summer weekday). They weren’t there best, but still pretty tasty. I really dig the new No Meato Burrito with cheese. It has a nice sauce. One of the real highlights of CalTort is the impressive hot sauce selection – including Brian’s favorite Dave’s Insanity – which will burn you. Burn you good. Overall still one of the best ones – 3.5 stars? 4? I don’t even remember my scale anymore.

Delicious California Tortilla burrito. Huge and tasty.

I missed the next Burrito Wednesday because I was on vacation, and the best/only burrito place I could find was closed on Wednesdays. D’oh!

Burrito Wednesday #11: Sancho’s Taqueria

I was in Palo Alto that week, so I went out with a huge cohort of coworkers to Sancho’s Taqueria. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pics. However the burrito was delicious. Chris is a fan of of the no veggie, no meat one, but I found the veggies to be delectable. They also had some tasty sauces you could take away. Bravo! 4 stars?

Burrito Wednesday #12: Taco Bell

Why I did this, I don’t really know. It was close, and I didn’t have many other close options left. Still…. I got a single bean burrito. It was shockingly cheap ($0.99 maybe?), and shockingly bad. It tasted overwhelming of salt. It wasn’t very large, and was pretty pathetically bad. Ugh. 1 star, at best. I’m glad to confirm there’s a reason I avoid this place.

Being a combination Taco Bell/KFC is really not appealing to me at all. Ugh.

Burrito Wednesday #13: Qdoba

I wanted to like this place, since a few friends rave about it. However I was quite disappointed. One point in there favor was that I had been to the dentist that morning – so perhaps my mouth was extra sensitive? I didn’t notice anything at breakfast, but maybe this was different?

The staff was pretty rude. After I agreed to pay extra for veggies they only put a small scooping on. I asked for more, and they were annoyed. I think a manager saw I was peeved and stepped in, which definitely improved the situation.  The burrito was large and moderately priced. Unfortunately I found the texture to be incredibly off putting. The peppers were slightly bitter and had a very odd and inconsistent crunch to them. The rice was occasionally pretty hard. In the end I couldn’t finish it, and left feeling pretty disappointed. Still much better than taco bell, and again perhaps another location/time would be better. Overall no more than 2 stars.

Qdoba looks tasty, don't it?

I missed the next 2 weeks due to being in Europe. I’m sure I could have gotten tasty burritos in Amsterdam at least, but I was more interested in trying the local cuisines.

Burrito Wednesday #14: Mixtec

Back in the US it was time for another Burrito Wednesday. I grabbed a bike and headed up to Adam’s Morgan for Mixtec. Somewhat unusually I ate it there. The burrito was quite large and pretty good. It had 2 sauces, plus some hot sauces they put on the side. The guac and pico de gallo on the plate were a nice compliment. My biggest complaint was that it was a ton of tortilla, especially toward the end. I ended up leaving a lot of tortilla on the plate, after removing the inners. Overall it was better than I expected – 3 stars?

As an aside, the bike rental worked really well. I think I’ll sign up for a $50 yearly membership and try it out.

Mixtec burrito and inside.