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09 Feb 2011 #programming #stackoverflow

Recently I’ve gotten a bit obsessed with It’s a programming Q&A site. You can ask questions, you can answer and comment on them. However they have a sick twist – people vote on everything. They vote on your questions, answers, comments. You earn reputation points when your content is voted up, and you lose points when it’s voted down. You also earn badges, like gaming achievements.

They’ve recently started a whole bunch of related sites under the stackexchange brand. Same model and software, but with different subjects. So far there are already more than I care to count with only very spurious differentiation, but a few highlights include gaming, cooking, english, programming (as a profession), power users, sysadmin, linux, ubuntu, and a lot more.

Here’s my badge of honor. Right now I have 674 rep and 10 badges on Stackoverflow, and 261/4 on gaming (plus ~100 on a bunch of the other sites, just for signing up). That’s my profile image, which should update automatically!

Stack Overflow profile for chmullig at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers

It’s amazing how satisfying and competitive the Q&A system ends up. I find myself less and less interested in any other medium for asking or answering questions like the kind on Stackoverflow. It’s slow and there’s no rep, what’s the point?